TNGJ-2001 Pottery tools all-in-1 kit

Meet all needs from beginners

ArtConmigo-Manufacturer for Pottery Tools

Pottery tools are superb to be used in clay carving. Artconmigo is professional supplier for bulk pottery tools. We provide different combination and package for your different needs


Head: Non-rust iron

Handle: wood


Pottery tools with wood handle combined with foam brush is perfect for beginners. Different selections and packages can be provided


We are artist paint brush manufacturer in Yangzhou China.

All the brush can be customized

Conmigo Brush dedicated to becoming your #1 trust-worthy artist brush supplier when it comes to purchaing bulk artist brushes, paint brushes, chinese brushes,wax/chalk brushes, foam brushes etc..

No matter you are brush factories overseas, brand manufacturers, importers or brush wholesalers, welcome!  We can provide different solutions for your business.

Let’s work together making your business rock!