How to maintain the artist brush?

Step 1:

We can use burrs or old newspapers as far as possible to clean the paints on brushes,

because these two kinds of paper have better absorption so that less residual pigment, less friction, and less damage will be to the brush;


Step 2:

After painting, we can try to wash the pen with warm water and use a little detergent or soap. Rubbing the brush hair in the palm of your hand in one direction until the paint is completely washed;


Step 3:

Keep it dry as much as possible after washing it;


Step 4:

After drying, we’d better use linen, which is a type of canvas that we normally use to paint,
to wrap these brushes, and tie the rubber bands on both ends.

Why should we use cloth to wrap it?
It is because there is still some oil left after the brush is brushed,
which is easily damaged by the wind.
Although it seems to be troublesome but it can be done quickly.


Now do you have some idea of how to protect your brushes?

A good brush is important for an artist to do a good job, no matter what brand, what price they are.

Wish every artist can keep their favorate brushes as long as possible!

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