HB2016 Nylon Hair Artist Brush

Classic bi-color synthetic hair with perfect pointed round tip

ArtConmigo-Artist brush manufacturer

Artist brush with Synthetic Hair is perfect for Acrylic painting, oil painting and used in craft like face painting, action figures, dollhouses, rock painting, adult coloring books, wargaming or paint by number.


Hair: Synthetic nylon hair

Handle: wood with customized color

Nylon hair brushes are secured with high quality nickel plated brass ferrules.


it looks aesthetically pleasing, different sizes versatile paintbrushes set can be customized as variety of shapes.

Synthetic hair have different types as well besides hair color, as professional nylon brush manufacturer, we know very well different fiber suppliers for different quality nylon hair according to your needs that if mainly used for acrylic painting or oil painting or watercolor painting or all mediums.


We are artist paint brush manufacturer in Yangzhou China.

All the brush can be customized

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