YQS-2020 Hog Bristle wax/chalk paint brush

2-in-1 hog bristle brush no shedding

ArtConmigo-Artist Paint brush manufacturer

Conmigo wax/chalk paint brush can avoid shedding the most, we only use same length natural hog bristle and epoxy glued to avoid shedding.

Brushes in the picture can be ordered by single shape or by one whole set or any combination up to you


Hair:  Hog bristle

Handle: birch wood/pine wood (customized)


Suitable with all colors and brands of chalked paint, wax & milk paint. 100% Natural bristles (NOT synthetic)

Simple to clean with fantastic coverage making projects faster and easier to complete. Covers all surfaces including wood and fabric

Offer you over all comfort in controling the paint and holding the handle


We are artist paint brush manufacturer in Yangzhou China.

All the brush can be customized

We dedicated to becoming your #1 trust-worthy artist brush supplier when it comes to purchaing bulk artist brushes, paint brushes, chinese brushes,wax/chalk brushes, foam brushes etc..

No matter you are brush factories overseas, brand manufacturers, importers or brush wholesalers, welcome!  We can provide different solutions for your business.

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