Brush Manufacturing materials-Synthetic Hair Nylon hair

Customized for artist brush paint brush

ArtConmigo-Brush making materials supplier

Bulk nylon hair can be customized by size, color etc.. We offer brush synthetic hair services to many branded artist brush manufacturers and paint brush factories overseas.

Acoording to the brush prosperity, we custom the hair color and thickness to fit end-customers habits on acylic painting, oil painting, watercolor painting or even wall painting.


Brush Synthetic/nylon hair: Customized

MOQ: 20kg


We know very well which thickness for which kind painting media.

sample will be provided on request.

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We are artist paint brush manufacturer in Yangzhou China.

All the brush can be customized

Conmigo Brush dedicated to becoming your #1 trust-worthy artist brush supplier when it comes to purchaing bulk artist brushes, paint brushes, chinese brushes,wax/chalk brushes, foam brushes etc..

No matter you are brush factories overseas, brand manufacturers, importers or brush wholesalers, welcome!  We can provide different solutions for your business.

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